The Prostatype® Test System – a new gene test for prostate cancer patients

Why invest in Chundsell Medicals

  • By providing new and personalized information, Chundsell is actively involved in the radical transformation of prostate cancer healthcare with its Prostatype® Test System (PrTS)
  • Significant market opportunity in prostate cancer market segment: 630 MEUR annually
  • Studies indicate over‐ and undertreatment of 7 out of 10 prostate cancer patients
  • Ready for market: CE‐approved, IP protected and ISO 13485:2012 certified
  • Clinical studies with early adopters validates PrTS – concluded and ongoing studies
  • First commercial installation of PrTS expected second half of 2016
  • Highly scalable business model with recurring sales
  • Chundsell is improving patients’ quality of life while reducing healthcare costs:
  • combining genetic testing using stem cell gene signatures,
  • with advanced data analysis (unique proprietary patient database and algorithm),
  • evolution towards personalized medicine in prostate cancer healthcare,
  • Chundsell Medicals has and will conduct all its activities based on good ethics for the patients.

Why urologists choose the Prostatype® Test System

  • PrTS improves confidence about treatment choice for urologists, pathologists and patients. For intermediate risk patients, PrTS improves accuracy of overall survival prediction with 36% in relative terms compared to conventional clinical parameters
  • PrTS is the only test measuring stem cell gene expressions vis‐à‐vis proliferation genes, thus able to;
  • evaluate both the prostate cancer and the health status of the patient
  • predict overall survival to measure treatment benefit
  • significantly lower the number of biopsies needed and improve the accuracy of pathological judgement by adding reliable molecular information
  • PrTS is the only test using reference patients from unique database with complete patient history;
  • provide individualised and precise treatment decision guidance instead of just improving the current scoring systems
  • demonstrably, treatment decision can be improved in 2 of 3 patients by using PrTS as compared to conventional clinical methods

PrTS pushes the envelope from “do I have a disease?” to providing guidance in the pressing question “how should I treat my disease?”. The upshot is that the Prostatype® Test System is more accommodating to real life clinical usage and the questions patients and physicians face than other competing gene tests.