The Prostatype® Test System – a new gene test for prostate cancer patients

Laboratories & Universities

Karolinska Institutet Partners

Karolinska Institutet

The strategy and business idea is to market and sell in the global market a complete diagnostic system consisting of reagents for testing and quality assurance and evaluation software, adapted to the instrumentation platforms of leading Molecular Diagnostics companies. We strive to develop and produce frontline product solutions designed for optimal user compliance as well as fulfillment of the highest quality demands. Our product, the Prostatype® Test System, will meet an urgent medical need and have a positive impact on the overall health economy as well as preserve the quality of life for thousands of men each year.

The company also partners with leading diagnostic companies to develop products and services; for the market.


Aleris Medilabs Partners

Aleris / MediLab AB

Commercial lab in Täby analysing 1200 biopsy tests per year, test site during development. Large bank of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tumor material avaliable for Chundsell Medicals development work.


UniversitätsSpital Zürich Partners

Universitäts Spital Zürich

Institut für Klinishe Pathologie, Wild Lab. Systems pathology and high-throughput genomics laboratory.



Epigenomics Partners

Epigenomics AG, Berlin, Contractual Developer with own qPCR tests on the market


Dako Partners

DAKO A/S, Copenhagen, Development collaborator Immunohistochemistry


Roche Diagnostics Partners

Roche Diagnostics, Sweden, Germany & Switzerland

S&M Cooperation Instrumentation (Sweden)

Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

Roche Diagnostics AG (Switzerland)


Ridgeview Instruments Partners

Ridgeview Instruments


Safe Box Partners

SafeBox AB


Sting Partners

Business Incubator (STING), Kista, Sweden



HISTO-CENTER AB, Gothenburg, Sweden


IF Partners

If Skadeförsäkringar, Stockholm, Sweden

Research and development, production and sales of the Prostatype Test System is insured for the Nordic countries by our partner IF.